Introducing Redwood’s Adventure Club!  A safe place for family bubbles to experience the outdoors and have a little taste of the Redwood Experience.

Enjoy the Redwood Adventure Club by getting a membership that allows you to book up to 40 hours of play outside, from hanging out by the pool,  to playing soccer on a private soccer field or just having room to stretch out and have a picnic.  With our safety measures in place, you and your family bubble can feel confident to have a fun-filled day without accidentally bumping into other people.  

Why do I need the Redwood Adventure Club? 

Redwood Adventure Club is for those that prefer more safety measures than what is taking place in public areas. You will have the knowledge that your area will be reserved only for your family bubble, access to regularly sanitized bathrooms, and lots of fun activities. 

Who can join the Redwood Adventure Club? 

Anyone! You don’t need to bring your family or have children to enjoy our services & property. 

Can I book a 2 hr block or a morning or afternoon of activities without becoming a member? Can I book the whole camp for one day?

Yes, you can!  Please contact us for details.


What is a Family Bubble? 

Up to 10 people that you either share a home with, are your relatives or friends that you see on a regular basis. 

If I book the pools, who will I share it with? 

For the 2 hr block that is reserved, only the family bubble will have access to the pool area. Even though chlorine kills all germs, it’s very easy to run into people around the pool area, so for your safety, pools will only be allowed for one bubble at a time. 

Can I bring my own picnic? 

Yes you can! 

Is alcohol allowed? 

Wine and beer are allowed. 

Are dogs allowed? 

Only leashed dogs allowed on the condition that they are well behaved and that you clean up after them. 

What are the opening hours of Redwood Adventure Club? 

Wednesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 6:30 pm. 

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Yes! Contact us for details. 

Can I use my camp fees towards the Adventure Club Membership? 

Of course! Contact us for details. 

How is this different from camp?

The health and well being of our camp community has always been our top priority. What we have created with the Redwood Adventure Club is a place which will be safe for families and staff.  Families will arrive in  family bubbles and have a section of the camp to themselves, without having to worry about bumping into people.  Staff would be there as group leaders, but physical distancing will be maintained between staff and family members in the bubble. 

How will you stop people from bumping into each other?

Members will book different zones at Redwood that are at least 1200 sq ft each for 2 hour blocks.  There will be signs to ensure that everyone will be walking in a clockwise fashion while travelling from one area to the next.  All paths are 8-10 ft wide so even if you were to pass someone, you can easily keep your distance.  All family bubbles will have different coloured bracelets so we can easily identify which group you belong to and what area you are in.

What are the cleaning procedures?

All bathrooms will be cleaned every hour and any physical equipment will be cleaned between every block.  All picnic tables will have wipeable surfaces.  There will be hand sanitizer pumps in front of every door handle as well as scattered throughout the property.

What safety equipment will the staff be wearing?

Every staff member will have a shield and mask.  If they are more than 10 feet away they may remove it temporarily but you may request that they keep it on at all times.  They will also be outfitted with a fanny-pack with additional hand sanitizer, gloves, etc

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Every person who visits Redwood Adventure Club is expected to carry a mask with them.  When you're in your zone, you do not have to wear one but when going to the washroom, you will be expected to wear one.

Why is the Redwood Adventure Club safer than camp?

One of the main reasons why Redwood Adventure Club is safer is because every child will stay in their family bubble instead of being in groups with children from 10 other families.  Because parents and guardians will be there, we can make sure that our staff can social distance at all times.

Will my zone be big enough to feel safe in?


Each zone will be at least 1200 sq ft for 10 people in a family bubble.  As always, it's up to you what your comfort level is. 

How do we book activities?

There will be a scheduling page coming soon as well as a downloadable.  You will be able to book activities online and see the availability of  the zones and activities and make special requests.

How do I register for a membership?

You can click on this link or you can call the office at (450)455-3227.

Why can’t we just have regular camp?

The social distancing measures in a camp setting that would be required are not realistic, nor conducive to giving your children the summer camp experience that they deserve. We would not feel comfortable enforcing rules that forbid your children from holding hands, high fiving or giving a safe hug to their best friends or favourite counselors.  Not allowing our staff to console a child, apply sunscreen, tie a shoe lace, or even sit with their campers to have lunch seems impossible. The Redwood Adventure Club enables children to enjoy the activities safely within their own family bubbles.

Have any additional questions? You can call us at 450-455-3227.

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